Your data is important, so it’s vital that you have at least one backup. We offer a variety of backup solutions, from external hard drives and networked attached storage to the public cloud and professional[…]

Computer Repair

Be it a laptop, desktop, MacBook, hybrid, iMac, convertible, all-in-one, or just about anything else, we should be able to repair it for you. Our repair offerings span from slow computers to replacement parts and[…]

Computer Upgrades

Why buy a new computer when you can upgrade your existing one? We offer a huge variety of upgrades, whether you need more storage space, or you want to play the latest games, sometimes you[…]

Custom Computers

If you’re looking to purchase a new desktop computer our custom build service allows you design one that meets your needs exactly. We design computers to a variety of specifications, be it budget friendly or[…]

Malware Removal

Malware comes it all different shaped and sizes, from bloatware to viruses, adware to trojans nobody likes malware. With any other service at Dan’s Computer Services we’ll make sure you have up-to-date security on your computer,[…]


There are little things more frustrating than a slow internet connection, WiFi dropouts and anything else that stops you getting online. From upgrading your networking equipment to installing a comprehensive guest networking solution for your business there’s[…]

New Devices

If you’re shopping for a new device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, let us help. If you let us know your requirements we can shortlist some models for you, we look for[…]

Presentation Design

If you give presentations regularly you’ll know how time consuming it is to constantly make and update presentations and that’s before you make them look good. Powerful presentations have themes, images and short sections of text. An[…]


Stop! No matter how old or broken computer seems it isn’t quite ready for the bin yet. Not only do non-functional devices contain useful components that we like to salvage, they also need to be recycled[…]


Just like a car, your computer needs to be serviced regularly. A service keeps your computer is running at its best, we update your software, security and give the computer a physical clean both internally and[…]

Web Design

Looking for a website? No matter if it’s for personal or business use we can build and host your website at very affordable prices, we’ll even help you buy a domain and setup custom email[…]