Recycle 4 Charity: Brain Research Trust

Did you know your used ink cartridges and old mobile phones can help save lives?

We’re now accepting ink cartridges and mobile phones for recycling on behalf of the Brain Research Trust, our chosen charity. One ink cartridge that you’d otherwise throw away could be worth £1 and mobile phones could be worth up to £70.

It’s really easy too! All you need to do is collect your ink cartridges and mobile phones until you see us next, after that we’ll do the rest.

Unfortunately some cartridges aren’t eligible to generate donations for the Brain Research Trust – don’t worry though, we’ll make sure they’re properly recycled.

A little bit about the Brain Research Trust…

The brain is the most complex organ in our body. It weighs just 3lb, yet it controls our emotions, senses and actions. Every single one of them. It is how we process the world around us. So when it breaks down, we break down.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are hundreds of neurological conditions and we fund research to help those affected – to discover the causes, develop new treatments and improve quality of life.

We inspire scientists and families to come together, side by side, stride by stride. Help loved ones live better, longer. Unite to accelerate the progress of brain research.

Visit The Brain Research Trust Website