About Dan’s Computer Services

Established March 26rd 2013, Dan’s Computer Services provides reliable, affordable computer repair and IT services to the people of Ivybridge and the surrounding area. No job is too big or too small, we’re always happy to help, if you’d like an idea of what we offer, please take a look at the services page.

We keep our prices low by keeping our costs down, this means we don’t keep a stock of components, so if your computer requires a specific part, we’ll have to order it in. Normally we can get components in 2 business days, if you’re in a hurry we can expedite the delivery for around £10.00. In order to further reduce our costs we don’t offer on-site service to our personal clients outside of the Ivybridge area, you will be required to drop off and collect your computer from our premises. If you’d like more information on our pricing, please take a look t our pricing page.

Dan’s Computer Services is not liable for any damage caused to your computer. Dan’s Computer Services is not insured against damages. Dan’s Computer Services is not liable to any loss of data, while we do try to move your data securely it is the responsibility of the client to organise a backup. Dan’s Computer Services reserves the right to place a penalty fine on invoices payed after their due date. Dan’s Computer Services is respectful of your privacy, we will not unnecessarily look through your data.