Just like a car, your computer needs to be serviced regularly. A service keeps your computer is running at its best, we update your software, security and give the computer a physical clean both internally and externally. At a service we can also recognise failing components and make advisories on when these need to be replaced; many mechanical parts such as hard drives, optical drives and fans are all susceptible to failure after a period of time. Over the past decade computers have begun lasting longer, a well looked after 10 year old computer can still be adequate for use today. We recommend servicing new computers annually and computers more than 5 years old biannually.

Annual Service Plan: £30.00 per annum for single service
Biannual Service Plan: £45.00 per annum for two services

Here’s a list of everything you get with a service:

  • Internal and external clean helping to optimise effective airflow and reduce the potential for overheating.
  • Software updates to the operating system, security software and applications.
  • Testing of physical components leading to a report containing advisories and recommended upgrades.
  • Replacement of any damaged or failed components*.
  • Removal of potentially unwanted programs, potential threats and general software cleansing.

*Replacement of physical components is not covered in the fixed-price service plan. You will be consulted before work is undertaken at an additional expense.