Your data is important, so it’s vital that you have at least one backup. We offer a variety of backup solutions, from external hard drives and networked attached storage to the public cloud and professional offsite backup. Backup doesn’t have to be difficult, a good backup is one that works without your input. Remember, hard drives fail, one copy is never enough.

Backup isn’t expensive, for £40.00 we can provide a 500GB external hard drive and setup appropriate backup software on your computer so that you can be sure that your files are in more than one place. We can also show you how to backup your photos and video to online services that have no fees for just £7.50.

We recommend that you backup your devices in more than one way; so have a local backup (Like an external hard drive, USB flash drive or disk) and keep a copy somewhere else such as in the cloud so that in the event of a local disaster such as a fire you still have all of your data. You can read our post about getting 50GB of free cloud storage here.

Here at Dan’s Computer Services we’re always willing to help you with backup. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.